Seaplane companies have a long tradition in Norway mostly due to the design of the Norwegian landscape combining high mountains with vast fjords. Compared to landplane operations there is no need for airports to take off and land from and possible destinations are almost unlimited. To take a seaplane in order to get from A to B saves a lot of time since it doesn´t need to follow roads around fjords or ferry schedules. Passengers and Cargo can be transported from airport hubs and remote places to almost everywhere. 

Norways coastline measures around 58.000 km incl.islands and fjords, which makes individual charters almost unlimited. Inland fjords are protected from high waves and and provide perfect conditions for seaplanes. Even with low level weather seaplanes can be operated safely inside the fjords flying low below the clouds as they can easily land on the water anytime whereas land planes are dependent on airports. 

Norways regulations allow seaplanes to land almost everywhere on coastal water whereas fresh water lakes are predominantly restricted. However commercial operators are given special approvals compared to private airplanes. 


Are you are cruiseship passenger with limited time at your cruiseship destination? We can bring you fast and comfortable to one of our several remote located destinations in the fjords where you can enjoy a dinner, hike, activities or simply relax before you are back at your ship for departure in time. 


Arriving in Norway by plane, why renting an expensive rental car, driving many hours to your hotel, incl.ferrys and waiting time, when you can be picked up right at the airport and land in front of your hotel 30 min later, starting your holiday with a breathtaking travel experience at your first class window seat enjoying white glaciers and blue fjords from above while listening to Edvard Grieg`s classical compositions. 


If you are a busy manager looking for a unique and relaxing weekend experience you can start your weekend journey in London Friday afternoon after work boarding your airliner to one of Norway’s international airports, change to the amphibian seaplane waiting right beside and sit in your hot-tub at some remote mountain lake lodge under the midnight sun the very same evening. You spend your weekend far away from your everyday life in one of the most beautiful surroundings in Europe and will be back home Sunday evening after only 3 hour travel time. 


Scandinavian Seaplanes offers a variety of packages for flight charter solutions incl. accommodation ranging from luxury fjord hotels to simple cabins on mountain lakes, including activity and catering options.


Do you need to be at a meeting in your office while your family enjoys their holidays in your summerhouse? Let us help you to commute fast and easy and bring you back at dinner time.


Companies will we able to transfer employees, customers and cargo fast and directly to their desired destination whether it is an airport, a lake or remote fjord. Saving time and costs. .