5-day flightseeing experience

Seaplanes are the perfect mean of transport in Fjordnorway. You will comfortably get to all the remote places that normally will take a day´s journey. Save time and enjoy the beauty of Norway from your personal first class window seat.


Starting point: Bergen Seaplane base:


Day 1: Bergen – Skjerjehamn – Fjærland

Day 2: Glacier experience Fjærland

Day 3: Fjærland – Kalvåg

Day 4: Kalvåg – Angvik

Day 5: Angvik – Bergen

Bergen – Skjerjehamn – Fjærland

On day 1 we start with a 20 min flight along the archipelago of Bergen to the historic outpost Skjerjehamn, where we will stop for lunch. You can explore the Blue Garden and island, and have lunch or coffee in the beautiful located restaurant. After that we will continue along Norway’s largest fjord, to the pittoresque village of Fjærland, located just below the Jostedals glacier. This village is truly one of the true secrets of Norway.

You will stay overnight at the local Fjordhotel and enjoy a 3 course dinner right at the fjord. Before dinner Bård, the hotel owner, will invite the guests to listen to his presentation of local selected food, the hotel and history of the glacier village.

As a great end to a wonderful day, why not enjoy some coffe, drinks and great company on the Hotels terrace, overlooking the turquoise waters, and the Jostedal Glacier in the background.

The Glacier Adventure

Day 2 starts after breakfast with a visit to the one and only glacier museum in Norway, where you will learn everything about formation and life of a glacier. Afte this, you will experience a personal 6 hour glacier trip over the crevasses of the Jostedals glacier. A real unique once in a lifetime experience.

The Kalvåg Outpost

Day 3 starts with an exciting flight over the Jostedals glacier to the Kalvåg outpost, a remote fishing village located on an island in the Atlantic ocean. You can choose between a variety of activities like fishing or kayak trips, hikes, or relaxing sauna experiences. The island is also known for its first-class seafood. This is true Norwegian coastal culture.

For accommodation, you can choose between the island hotel and traditional “Rorbuer”, small sea houses originally used by fishermen located right at the ocean.


On day 4 we continue northbound and cross the borders of the Vestland county along the cities of Ålesund and Molde to Angvik. Angvik Gamle Handelssted is a member of Classic Norway,and has roots back to the 1500s when sailing ships from Holland anchored in the bay to buy timber. The hotel is located right at the fjord and offers thermal spa, Turkish steam bath and different types of spa treatment. 

This part of Norway is a treasury of local sourced food. The philosophy of Angvik Gamle Handelssted is to use as much as possible of what the local nature offers. Enjoy the exciting menues before you fall asleep to the coastal sound of nature.

Returning to Bergen

On this, the 5th and last day of your adventure, we fly along the coast line of Norway, back to Bergen. Raw, unfiltered view of Norway’s archipelago. Pure, untamed nature and nature views you will remember for always.

At the end of the trip, we will bid farewel to you, not as customers or guests, but as the friends we have gained over the last 5 days.


Cost of travel

(Included: All flights, accommodation, mentioned activities )

Not included: food and beverages 
( minimum 2 passengers)

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